Avian Over Gold – Chapter 9.1

In Gu Weiyi’s mind, wealthy families always had a dispute over the inheritance. Lu Yuanheng and his Second Sister both shared the same views, so they are categorized as one party. Then there is his older sister who is another party. Two parties pit against each other, and the victor is the one who has survived from the slaughter. Looking at the situation from her perspective, she hopes that Lu Yuanheng will be the victor. As of now, she can continue to hug his leg, but if he loses, she will still be there for him.

The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest – Chapter 5

Zhou Mo said: “There’s red bean bread on the table.”

Song An Yi was shocked by the sudden goodwill of Professor Zhou. She walked quickly to the table and saw that it was the same combination as the day before: two convenience store-bought red bean bread, a cup of fresh milk, and a cup of tea.

There are no shops or restaurants near this mansion, but there are a chain of convenience stores. Usually, Zhou Yue was responsible for most of Professor Zhou’s matters– including the purchase of groceries since Professor Zhou was difficult. He barely went outside. Aside from the daily necessities he needed to, in addition to teaching and work related matters, this man was home most of the time.

The Sales Executive’s New Love Interest – Chapter 4

It was too familiar; a pastry book had a page flag. She turned to that page, and the heading said “longan rice cakes”. This was a clear insult, ah! Ugh, was this his way of responding to her last question?

But Song An Yi was not like most people, she wasn’t impulsive. There was a bit of hesitation before she asked: “Professor Zhou, are you providing me recipes, so my cooking will improve?”